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Best Process Server in Los Angeles
has more than 30 years of process serving experience and has been a full time
Licensed Detective
since 1994 !



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We offer many different services...


Hidden Hills Process Server


Process service in Hidden Hills...


SAME DAY Same Day Service in Hidden Hills DELIVERY

BestProcessServerinLosAngeles.com provides same day service without
any additional fees !!!

(Must be Pre-Paid by 8:00am PST)

Our Registered & Bonded Process Servers can serve your legal documents across the State of California.


Process Server in Hidden Hills

We have SoCal's Best Skip Tracing Service available...
Our Detectives utilize the
Most Up-To-Date
database in the U.S.,
allowing us to locate witnesses, defendants, and
other individuals or information critical to your case.


Background Checks in Hidden Hills


Case files and Document Procurement Services
are available
Monday through Friday and we
will accept requests 7 days a week !

Investigative Services such as
Residential Site Verification 
are available with only several
hours notice, this service allows
our Clients to determine property
condition and occupancy.

Specialized Courier Services:

We also provide courier services to medical and legal professionals,
keeping the special needs
of these clients in mind.


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in Los Angeles
today to find out more about the legal services you need.


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